McQ Gallery


AlaskaI have to own up to being one of those " Boomer " generation folks, and, as such, am now retiremed and out on the road fulltime pursuing my passion for travel and photography. The image to the left pretty much sums up how I hope to spend some of my " golden years ". That was taken atop Alaska's Salmon Glacier way back in 1993. The old Class "C" camper has since been replaced with a newer, larger gas guzzling Class "A", the canoe with a kayak, and the Honda 200 motorcycle ( then carried on the back bumper ) by a gas sipping Toyota Prius.

I was born and raised in rural New England, spent my college years at UMass Amherst, and began my working life on a couple of pumped storage hydro electric projects in western Massachusetts. I seemed to quickly tire of the engineering life, took off for a few months and did my first cross country trip with an old used Ford Pickup and a slidein truck bed camper. Realizing how much I enjoyed the traveling and the discovery of new places, I brilliantly decided to embark on a new profession that would allow me to travel and do something else I was quite passionate about at the time, I would become a professional golfer, I would conquer the the world of of golf ! After seven years of low budget travel on the outskirts of big time golf, with tail tucked firmly between legs, I decided it was time to settle down and try to earn a real living.

Settling down in central New Hampshire, I worked in the restaurant business while also learning the building trades converting a 1799 Victorian to apartments. After a couple of years as a finish carpenter with a local builder, I happened upon a maintenance superintendent's job with a large second home community and resort in Vermont. Here, I proceeded up the ladder to eventually ( accidently?) become the general manager. After 8 years, the politics of that kind of position can really begin to wear on you, so when the economy began to crumble, and the opportunity to become a failed real estate developer presented itself, I bolted.

Along came the recession of the late 80's, and with it, out went any chance of success in real estate endeavors. Then, while trying to recovArt shower from this latest disastrous career change, I began doing some fairly serious photography and started selling framed photos at area retail and craft shops. I had accumulated a bit of equipment in order to cut my own mats and manufacture and build my own frames, and a friend suggested that I ought to think about opening a custom frame shop. And so out of all this came the Red Roof Frame Shop and Gallery, my final endeavor! I have spent the last 19 years in the art business, opening a couple other frame shops and running a fine art gallery in that old 1799 Victorian I had converted to apartments so long ago.

In June of 2013, after 5 years of trying to sell my real estate and business in a very depressed market, I managed to sell both at fire sale prices and thus was able to embark on my full-timing ventures, although on a much more austere budget than I had always hoped for.