RCB Win its First IPL 2024 after Defect by CSK

PBKS LOOSE its First IPL 2024 BY RCB

Virat Kohli Man of the Match by 77 runs in 49 balls

Virat Kohli Victory over the Kings 11 set high

A Tremendous Match in the tournament 

Siraj, Maxwell and Y Dayal baged Wicket for RCB

Mohammad Siraj Baged 2 Important Wickets Turns the match ..

Sadly C Green not well form in this match both Bat and Bowling

Sikhar Dhawan Sets 45 Runs in 37 Balls Set High for PBKS

H Barar Baged 2 Wickets for PBKS

Maxwell a Extraordinary Bowling Skill sets 2 Wickets Rather than Batting