About Us

My name is R.A. ( Bob ) McQuade and this site showcases the two main pleasures in my life, travel and photography.. You will have to pardon any glitches you may find in the construction of this site, since the site designer, yours truly, is new to this endeavour and his experience in web design is, at best, minimal. While they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, this one is still going to try, perhaps it will help stall the onset of Alzheimers, you know, use it or lose it. If you do come across problems in navigating the site, I really would appreciate some feedback from you so I can try to remedy the situation. Just click on the Contact me ( coming soon )section of the navigation bar and drop me an email. Please include which browser you are using to help me isolate the problem.

Clicking on any small image will bring up a large version of that image on a seperate page. By clicking on that large image, you will be returned to where you were. I have noticed that sometimes when the images seem to be loading a little slow, by double clicking on the image, they seem to load faster, don’t know why, since a single click will usually do the trick. WARNING ! This site was designed with larger monitors in mind. In order to give the largest practical large image view, so that viewers can better appreciate image details, smaller monitors may be required to do a lot of up and down scrolling to view all the images on a page. The images on this site are rendered best when using Safari as the browser. Firefox also renders the images well, while Opera tends to render the images much lighter than they should be. You may want to adjust the brightness of your monitor when using some browsers.

You can read a little boring background on me on the Bio page.

The Blog is a good place to see new images that have not yet made it onto this site. Also, whenever I am on the road, this link will keep you appraised of where I am traveling and whether or not I have found anything interesting to shoot.

The Galleries link will take you to the page where I have attempted to give the viewer a way of honing in on subject matter that he or she may want to look at. Some of the Galleries have several sub galleries, such as the Wildlife Gallery, that is broken down into sub galleries such as Birds, Bears, Canids, Deer, etc., and some of thes subgalleries are broken down still further, such as in the Birds sub gallery, further broken down to individual groups and species. By clicking on any thumbnail image in any gallery you will get a larger version of that image on a new page. By clicking on the larger image, you will be returned to the gallery you were viewing.